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Faith Lutheran Academy - Our Community

In faithfulness to our mission, Faith Lutheran Academy nurtures the whole child through a well-rounded, culturally enriched academic program that enables students to actualize their potential and prepares them to assume roles of leadership and influence, marked by GLOW (God’s Children Light Our World) values. A broad spectrum of in-school and extracurricular activities, rooted in Gospel values and committed to excellence, support our mission and are offered to students in Kindergarten through Grade Five.

Service activities and mission projects play an integral role in supporting students as they develop themselves as disciples of Christ by reaching out to those in need. These activities span every grade level and draw together the entire school and church community to foster a sense of responsibility for those less fortunate. This is best exemplified through our Care Ministries, which are ongoing outreach programs between the schools and church. Some of the many outreach programs we work with every year are First Choice Women’s Resource Center, Walter Hoving Home, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Hearts 4 Jesus, World Missions, Casa de Luz, To the Troops, and CityConnex. As a community of faith, we continually respond to current needs that affect our community and the world.