Faith Lutheran Academy - Technology

Faith Lutheran Academy – Technology

We at Faith Lutheran Academy are aware of the important role that technology plays in our daily lives, and it is our goal to incorporate this technology throughout the FLA curriculum. Using technology allows our students to  focus on promoting critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, the creation of student-led discussions, presentations, and the sharing of information.

Faith Lutheran Academy believes in technology literacy and “transliteracy: the ability to read, write, and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media.” In an effort to give students a technology-driven educational experience, starting in kindergarten, our students are exposed to the exciting world of technology.  Technology is incorporated throughout all curriculum areas and in every classroom, not only through the equipment that is available in each room, but through utilization as a part of their daily classroom teaching and activities. FLA has invested significantly in technology facilities, equipment, software, and access.

All students in third, fourth, and fifth grades have 1:1 iPad ownership for mobile learning at the point of instruction. Kindergarten, first and second grade classrooms all have access to daily 1:1 iPad usage with our iPad carts. In addition, Technology is infused into classroom curriculum and the technology coordinator is available on a daily basis to assist teachers with instruction. The Academy has equipped all of the grade-level classrooms and the Music/Drama Room with SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards. Each classroom also has access to computers at any given time with 4 laptop carts that house 100 student MacBooks. The kindergarten, first, and second grade classrooms all have 6 laptop computers dedicated to each classroom.

Beginning in 3rd grade, students receive an enrichment class on Digital Literacy and are educated on Internet safety. In addition, they are challenged to recognize their ethical responsibility as a user. In support of this, each student and faculty member signs the Acceptable Use Policy.

Key technology features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Small Group Technology Lab of 6 MacBooks
  • 4 mobile laptop carts housing 100 MacBooks
  • 3 iPad Carts for grades K-2
  • 1 iTouch Cart
  • Apple TVs in each classroom
  • 1-to-1 iPad ownership for all students in grades 3-5
  • A bank of laptop computers in each K-2 classroom
  • Smart Boards throughout the school
  • LAN and wireless Internet access throughout the school
  • Secure portal for parent/teacher/student communication through Renweb.com
  • Google Docs/email accounts for grades 3-5
  • Education City Accounts for grades K-2
  • eBackpack accounts for grades 3-5
  • AR/Renaissance Place accounts for all students