Faith Lutheran Academy - Kindergarten

Faith Lutheran Academy - Kindergarten

Bible Study: The Christian faith is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum. Students focus on Bible stories from both the Old and the New Testament. Through these stories, the students learn about God’s grace, mercy, and His great love. The children worship God through daily devotions, which include song and prayer. Students learn that God loves them and forgives them. Once a week, the Kindergarten students come together with other children in the school for a weekly Chapel Service. Kindergarten students will also present one chapel message each year.

Literacy/Language Arts:  The Language Arts Program includes reading, writing, and listening activities, which are centered on thematic units and quality literature. Students learn to read through modeled, shared, and interactive reading. Instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency is systematic and stimulates student learning. Through the introduction of multilevel reading strategies, the needs of all students are met and supported with differentiated small-group instruction. Writing instruction attends to all facets of writing: genre, process, traits, craft, and conventions. Students receive explicit instruction and daily practice in these aspects of writing to further develop literacy comprehension.

Math:  Kindergarten students experience a variety of activities that create a foundation for mathematical understanding and problem solving. Students manipulate concrete materials such as unit blocks, pattern blocks, and use hands on technology through ipads and Smart Board programs to form understanding of mathematical concepts. Students discover the world of math through calendar activities, games, and exploration that involves counting, number recognition, and sequencing, sorting, classifying, patterning, measuring, graphing, and solving problems. Students are introduced to addition, subtraction, fractions, telling time, and money concepts.

Science: Kindergarten students will learn about the wonders of God’s world through experiments, demonstrations, and activities. The curriculum promotes the child’s awareness of the physical, environmental, space, and life sciences. Students are introduced to the scientific method and use it throughout the curriculum with hands-on experiments and discoveries.

Social Studies: Students have a natural curiosity about the people and places in their community and the world around them. In order to enhance that curiosity, the students will expand their knowledge of the world with a blend of concepts, skills, and interactive learning through special guests, field trips and Scholastics on line resource that addresses current social studies and science topics locally and globally.