4th Grade

Faith Lutheran Academy - 4th Grade

Faith Lutheran Academy - 4th Grade

Bible Study: The Christian faith is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum. Students study various Bible stories from both the Old and the New Testaments and learn of God’s love and care for people through the ages. Opportunities are given to apply God’s teachings to everyday life through the presentation of chapel messages. Memory work is given to students so that they will continue to strengthen their relationship with God and His Word. Once a week, the fourth-grade students come together with other students in the school for a weekly Chapel Service.

Literacy/Language Arts: The Reading Curriculum incorporates a variety of resources that provide students with a well-balanced approach to literacy. Students read various types of literature and informational texts. Growth of student reading comprehension strategies and skills continues to be a focus at this level through whole group, small group, and individual instructional activities.. Writing instruction is integrated into all content areas as students practice the stages of the writing process and incorporating the writing traits. Types of writing include personal narratives, letter writing, informational and expository writing, multi-paragraph essays, and research projects published using Pages, Keynote, iMovie, blogs, and other multi-media projects. Fourth-grade spelling focuses on the syllables and affixes used in spelling patterns. Vocabulary development and use are also addressed within the Spelling Curriculum. Students continue to develop the use of D’Nealian cursive writing through the study of correct handwriting guidelines.

Math: In fourth grade, students continue to work towards mastery of math facts in multiplication and division through using both technology-based practice and oral/written drill and practice. Whole-group and small-group instruction supports classroom instruction in such concepts as number sense, computation, algebra, measurement, geometry, data analysis, and problem solving. Students practice and apply these concepts in guided practice. In addition to the regular curriculum, students also participate in the Accelerated Math Program, which is a student-paced program that allows students to practice and review objectives taught through the curriculum.

Science: The scientific method of inquiry continues to be developed during the fourth-grade year. Students apply what they have learned to a multitude of activities and labs that encourage this procedural practice. In fourth grade, students also explore a unit on Water and Weather, and then move into Earth Science as well as Space and Technology. Throughout fourth-grade science, students are encouraged to develop higher-level thinking skills as they learn to think and act like scientists, while they participate in hands-on, active learning experiences that include labs, field trips and a science activity fair.

Social Studies: Students in fourth grade study the history and people of the state of Nevada. The curriculum focuses on the historical development of the state and the current economic, social, and political conditions. The study of economic principles and geography as a whole are also incorporated in the curriculum.