1st Grade

Faith Lutheran Academy - 1st Grade

Faith Lutheran Academy - 1st Grade

Bible Study: The Christian faith is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum. Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments are taught to express to the students God’s plan for salvation, through Jesus Christ and His love, for our lives today. Key concepts of faith such as Law and Gospel, confession and repentance, forgiveness, and grace are taught through each unit. Additionally, students have the opportunity to strengthen their relationship with God and grow in their faith through Memory Work and Prayer Journals. Once a week, the first-grade students come together with other children in the school for Chapel Service. First Graders also deliver one chapel message each year.

Literacy/Language Arts: The Reading Curriculum incorporates modeled, interactive/ shared/independent reading experiences, and guided reading groups. Student skills in fluency, accuracy, comprehension, and vocabulary are strengthened when they apply these strategies in independent reading. Writing instruction includes interactive writing, D’Nealian handwriting, journaling, class books, and writing workshop. In addition, they receive instruction in correct capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure, and writing their ideas clearly (using appropriate grammar, including correct use of singular/plural words, past/present tense, word order, etc.). The spelling program focuses on word families, blends, digraphs, long/short vowel patterns, r-controlled words, words ending with y, and sight words.

Math:  Students participate in exploring a wide variety of mathematics activities that encourage higher-level thinking, problem-solving skills, and hands on experiences. The first-grade math curriculum includes number recognition, addition and subtraction facts through 18, place value through 100, money, time, geometry, fractions, measurement, graphing, and readiness for multiplication and division.

Science:  The Science Curriculum offers students a chance to better understand the world around them through experimentation, discussion, classroom projects, field trips, and technology. Physical Science units include matter, and balance and motion. Life Science units include insects, rainforest, health, and plants.

Social Studies: The Social Studies curriculum helps children understand their community as it relates to the world. First graders also learn about our nation’s history, holidays, economics, and current events.