Learning Environment

Faith Lutheran Academy - Learning Environment

Faith Lutheran Academy strives to fulfill its mission and vision through a quality educational experience in grades K-5. Essential knowledge, understanding, and skills at each grade level are aligned with the National Common Core and Nevada State Standards with an emphasis on 21st Century Technology Skills. Students are actively engaged in learning and challenged to apply higher order thinking skills through teacher-facilitated and child-centered instructional activities. Technology integration across the grades enhances learning through the use of MacBooks, iPads, iTouches, Apple TVs, instructional software, Smart Boards, and Internet research.

Through planned collaboration, teachers focus on the development of strong lessons as well as teaching strategies that engage all students in quality learning. These instructional strategies support learning through whole group, small group, and individualized instruction in a flexible learning environment. Specific learning activities such as field trips, pre-assessment, projects, demonstrations, performances, and experiments, as well as formal testing, provide meaningful assessments of learning. Teachers create optimal learning environments as they blend traditional learning strategies and assessments with the philosophy of differentiated instruction.

Faith Lutheran Academy is accredited by AdvanceEd and the National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).